Certified Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist

One on One – It's about YOU!


No one person is the same as the next which is what makes each of us unique individuals, which is why Ayktah enters YOUR world. In order to develop a customized fitness program for YOU, she learns about your current fitness level, lifestyle, needs and goals.


Ayktah realizes that changing your lifestyle is not an easy journey. Through her emotional and moral support she is determined on making your journey a successful one.


Through food, training logs and continuous follow up, Ayktah ensures that you stay focussed and motivated.




Ayktah has a commitment to you and your success! Goals: Ayktah believes in helping you reach your fitness goals may it be weight loss or management, shaping and toning, maintenance, general health, sports specific, strength, endurance, or flexibility.





Working Together

Ayktah works with YOU – it's a team effort! Your success is her success!


We all want to see the fruit of our labour and that is what Ayktah is driven to provide. RESULTS! Through motivation, encouragement and dedication, Ayktah brings you the results you deserve!




Group Training – BOOTCAMP!

Make it a social event! Bring a friend or two or three and workout together. Share the cost and enjoy 60 minutes of fun, challenging and invigorating exercises as a group! Motivate each other to get in shape and feel great! Break a sweat, challenge yourself and kick some butt!





Couple it up!

Be healthy in pairs! Train with your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, partner, BFF or simply a loved one! Double double up on the fun!





Pre and Post Natal Training

Don't let pregnancy be an excuse not to be physically active. Exercise has many important benefits during all stages of pregnancy. Be healthy and stay active for yourself and your little one!

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Ayktah Grover
Certified Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Specialist